With our home security and CCTV (closed circuit television) systems, you can keep an eye on your home from around the world, around the clock.

We can provide extra security for your home (or holiday home), offices, lockup or garden. Anywhere you need the reassurance of real time CCTV monitoring to see who is coming and going.

Appear to be home, even when you're not

Turn lights or household appliances on or off, open doors or gates to allow deliveries or work access ( and then monitor the people you give access to) - all using your computer, touch screen or Iphone.

Affordable, Tailor Made systems for any purpose

From the basic 8 zone alarm system to offer peace of mind, to CCTV , access control and Integrated automation systems like the M1 Gold, we can satisfy any requirement.

At Sound Surrounds we use and highly recommend Ness Security Products as they are Australia's leading designer, manufacturer and supplier of high quality security, access control equipment.